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All things Juniors!

First, make sure you join the REMIND!

  • A-L--- Text to 81010 with the message @dkbbfbd
  • M-Z---Text to 81010 with the message @ckeb2k4

Now you will be in the know for everything in your Junior year. Check back here often and look for those REMIND communications.


Prom Tickets can be purchased anytime in 6-105 (Ms. Camps room) with cash/check/credit card starting Thursday April 13th until Friday April 21st at lunch. You can purchase Per 2-6, except Fri 4/21, Per 2- lunch

* Keep in mind, if you are purchasing a guest ticket, you MUST HAVE the guest form approved and bring it when you come to purchase BOTH tickets at one time using ONE payment method.  Credit Cards may NOT be combined as payment with ANY OTHER form of payment.

Prices are:

  • April 13th-14th $65
  • April 17th – 21st $75

Again... If you are bringing a guest, you will need your approved guest form before you can purchase either ticket

You will get a printed invitation and ticket.

The invitation has all the important details (parking, location, times, etc.) and doubles as a keepsake

The small ticket is your admission ticket to the dance. DO NOT LOSE!

Parking Info

There is a parking lot across the street (west) from the Hard Rock. It is first come first serve.

There is a beach parking lot to the south of the Hard Rock. It is first come first serve but will start ticketing cars left in the lot at 11:00pm.

There is valet parking available through the Hard Rock for $10/car.

Carpooling is highly recommended

Hard Rock Hotel room rentals are highly discouraged. Age requirements per hotel policies. Hotel holds the right to refuse/kick out

Shoe & Purse Check

ALL bags must be searched and dropped off in the lobby.

Shoe drop off is optional.

You will be given a number to reference your belongings. You may retrieve items from check-in at any time during the dance.

No purses, bags, backpacks allowed in the ballroom.

All students/belongings/cars subject to search at anytime.


Junior Ring

Juniors! Order your class ring online

See Ms. Savary in Activities for any questions