Seabreeze High School and the Physical Education Instructors are NOT responsible for any valuables that are left unsecured in the locker room or physical education facility.

Physical Education Policy

Daily uniformed participation is required for physical education credit.  A physical education uniform should consist of clothing that is not worn to school, and is kept in a P.E. locker. 

The fee to purchase a locker is $5.00.  Sharing of lockers/combinations is NOT PERMITTED.
Failure to participate in activities could result in a discipline referral.  Instructors will call home before this action takes place. Specific Skills will be evaluated by his/her instructor. Some classes require written work or tests, along with daily physical activity.
  1. Situations occur which may cause you to be absent from class.  You must ask your instructor for any work you have missed. To excuse a student from participating due to illness or injury, a parent or guardian must write a note or call the instructor.  For an extended illness or injury, a note from a medical doctor must be submitted.
  2. Food and drinks are not allowed in gym and weight room. Water is permitted.
  3. All personal items such as cell phones, ipods, etc, must be locked up in locker room. These items will be confiscated according to school rules if they are visible during instruction.
  4. Students have 5 minutes after the Tardy bell rings to “Dress out”, and 6 minutes at the end to “Dress in”.
  5. Please remember to notify an instructor if any of the following occur:
    • Student is having trouble with lock/locker
    • Items are missing from your locker
    • You are injured in any way

Uniform options

The uniform dress code includes the following:

  • A solid red, white, Columbia, or gray T-shirt

  • (A shirt that includes a Seabreeze insignia is also acceptable)

  • Red, white, gray or Columbia blue athletic shorts

  • Athletic shoes