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Attendance Volunteers needed: If you would like to volunteer your time in attendance, volunteers are very welcome and needed. 

Never a dull moment, and always a great day at Seabreeze High School. Contact Mrs. Valerie Peckham

Drop-off and Pick-up: In an effort to make the campus a safer more secure place for all, access to the North student parking lot will be limited to students with current parking permits and will not be utilized for dropping off/picking up students.  Parents are to utilize the loop in front of the school to drop off and pick up students. For safety and to minimize usage parents are encouraged to pull as far forward into the loop as possible.

Apply for Free/Reduced lunch online: You can now apply for free and reduced meals on-line. Just visit the School Info and you will find a link to the VCS School Way Cafe for more info.

Writing Checks to SHS: Your check is welcome at Seabreeze High School. Each check written to the school must be made out to Seabreeze High School with the maker’s name pre-printed on the check (no starter checks) and must include the maker’s physical address and phone number (including area code). Please use blue or black ink.

Important Information about Vaping: Please review this link for important vaping information


Children with health insurance miss fewer days of school, and applying for Florida KidCare is easy.  Any family can apply, and many pay $20 or less per month to insure their children.  Most pay nothing at all.  Click here for additional information with local support in applying.


Who to Contact:

Our Clerical Staff can be the first place to start when you need information. School Phone: 386-258-4674

Mrs. Jeanette Oberst- Secretary to the Principal, ext. 54614

Mr. Maria Kostidakis- ESE, ext. 54670

Mr. Dhand Presley- 504 and PST contact, ext. 54700

 Mrs. Sandy Bailey- Testing, ext. 54692

Mrs. Patti Comitale-Dahms- Discipline/Busses ext. 54642

Ms. Felicia Franklin - Registrar, ext. 54628

Mrs. Valerie Peckham

  • Attendance:
    • Absences ext. 54616
    • Checkouts ext. 54617

Ms. Alva Jenkins- Nurse, ext. 54898

Mrs. Evelyn Navarro- Guidance, ext 54606

Ms. Erika McFarland, Bookkeeping, ext. 54522

Have a questions about an activity or event?

Contact our Activities Director:
Mrs. Janet Savary ext. 54651

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