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High School Eligibility

24 Physicals Advent

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April 10- 13th

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Physicals available to Volusia County students only



Fall Sports Winter/Spring Sports
  • 11-Man Football - 7/31/23
  • Cross-Country B/G - 7/31/23
  • Volleyball - 7/31/23
  • Swimming B/G - 7/31/23
  • Bowling B/G - 7/31/23
  • Golf B/G - 7/31/23
  • Weightlifting Girls – 10/9/23
  • Competition Cheer – 10/16/23
  • Soccer B/G – 10/17/23
  • Basketball B/G – 10/30/23
  • Girls Wrestling – 10/30/23.
  • Boys Wrestling – 11/6/23
  • Baseball – Arms 1/8/24, Practice 1/22/24
  • Softball - Arms 1/8/24, Practice 1/22/24
  • Weightlifting Boys – 1/8/24
  • Tennis B/G – 1/15/24
  • Track B/G – 1/30/24
  • Beach Volleyball – 2/5/24
  • Flag Football – 2/6/24

Athletic Clearance (click here) to start your athletic clearance process)

In order to participate in any athletic activity - open gyms, season participation, weight room, or conditioning an athlete must have a completed physical packet on file in the Athletic Office.  We ask that athletes either pick a packet up in the Athletic Office or download forms from this page.  Please return completed packets directly to the Athletic Office. 

***Please remember the following - Please make sure the physician both signs and dates the back side of the EL2 form and secondly, please remember to include insurance information on the EL3 form -regardless of the type of insurance.***  The state of Florida and the FHSAA requires that all student athletes have insurance as athletic injuries are not covered by the school or Athletic Department.  If you are in need of purchasing additional accidental insurance, please use this document provided to review the opportunity .

  • Once Athletic Clearance is completed online, in addition, a current printed/signed physical(EL2 form) from a licensed physician must be presented to the Athletic Office before and athlete may participate in any sport.

EL02 and EL07 are able to be filled in online for legibility. Please print and have signed appropriately before submitting

For more information on high school sports, eligibility and compliance go to

Pay to Participate

Please complete the "Pay to Participate" form and turn this in along with payment to the Athletic Department or the School Store.  Please do not turn Pay to Participate payments into coaches.  You may either pick up a form in the Athletic Office or download from the "forms" section of this webpage.  You may also find a VCS District FAQ handout under the forms section.

Home School Students

The FHSAA has revised its procedures for determining eligibility for home school students. If you are a home school student interested in participating in Athletics at Seabreeze High School, please download and complete the EL7 FHSAA Home School Education form. When you have completed and notarized this form, please contact the Athletic Office to schedule an appointment to review this form and finish the FHSAA submission process. Please plan to bring the notarized EL7 form and 2 proofs of residency including a parent driver’s license and preferably a utility bill in the parents’ name. Please note, the deadline for submission of this form is the Monday of the first week of competition for sport you are requesting to play. You are not permitted to participate in competition until the FHSAA has approved the submission process. This process usually takes 2-3 business days from the time it is submitted to the FHSAA. Click here to see the FAQ document for questions.

Incoming 9th grade

Incoming ninth grade students may begin participation at the high school level on the Monday following the last day of the school year.  Please be advised that a completed physical packet must be on file with the Athletic Office prior to starting any athletic activities including open gyms, weight room, or conditioning.

Please note that any persons affiliated with the Athletic Department at Seabreeze High School including Coaches, Athletic Director, Boosters, school district personnel may not speak to prospective students until they are registered students at Seabreeze High School as to not violate FHSAA recruiting regulations.  We appreciate your understanding in this area.

***Please be advised that once you participate in any athletic activity each summer or school year, you have established residency at that school year for the duration of the coming school year.  A transfer to another school may jeopardize your athletic eligibility.  If you are considering transferring to another school (variance, academy, moving, etc.) please do not participate in any summer activities until you are ready to establish your school residency for the remainder of the upcoming school year.

College Eligibility

Congratulations!  Your visit to this page indicates you are considering competing at the collegiate level. This decision bears great significance as you prepare for college.  Please use the links on this page to help you investigate and navigate your way through the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Process.

Important Points to Consider:

1) Please understand the college recruiting and eligibility process is highly individual and all parties involved have a role in this process.  Please contact your high school coach if you are interested in participation at the next level.  Your coach will help you evaluate your level of play and help you understand what levels may be best suited for you.

2) Please use the "Eligibility Center" link to help you navigate the NCAA Eligibility Center and what steps you should take each year in high school.

3) Academics are probably the most important factor in being able to compete at the next level.  The NCAA is changing is academic criteria for eligibility starting with the Senior Class of 2016 (the freshman class of 2012).  Please use the links provided to keep informed as to what academic courses you need to complete and when you need to have them completed.  REMEMBER YOU BEGIN BUILDING YOUR TRANSCRIPT IMMEDIATELY UPON ENTERING HIGH SCHOOL!!! 

4) When you take the SAT and ACT, remember to send your scores to the NCAA.  The code for NCAA is 9999.