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Media Center

Media Specialist
Ms. Marjorie Danese 386.258.4674 ext. 54682
The media center and bookroom hours are:
8:15 - 3:45 pm


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DSC Textbooks

Daytona State College Textbooks

Note-- Dual Enrollment textbooks are loaned to you just like school textbooks and are the property of Volusia County Schools. You check out and return your DSC books in the media center during normal school hours (8:15-3:45).

  • Please make to bring a copy of your DSC schedule to media. .
  • Books for Spring 2023 will not be checked out until January as classes do not start until January.
  • Seabreeze school ID is required for textbook check out or voucher.



  • Check out DSC bookstore website for the books you need for your classes:
  • Search for the books you need using your DSC ID number.
  • Make a list or take a screenshot of what you need. This will help to ensure you receive the materials you need to be successful in your classes.
  • Come to the media center during school hours with your DSC ID number.
  • We check out the books to you just like any other textbook. If we do not have the book, we will check to see if another school has the book and request a transfer for you.


  • If you need a book that we do not have or if it is an eBook access code that you need, you will receive a voucher (charged to SHS) to take to the DSC bookstore. A voucher is used like cash at the DSC bookstore to purchase the designated book.
  • Return the receipt with the yellow copy of the voucher to the media center before the course completion. (Anything purchased with a voucher is the property of Volusia County Schools and must be returned to the media center at the end of the course or you will be charged).
  • All books are due within 1 week of the course ending.
  • Single use access codes DO NOT NEED to be returned.  


Note-- VCS Policy states if you do not return materials within 1 week of the end of the course or as soon as the school is open if the course ends in the summer or during a break, you will be charged for them. If the media center is closed, please hold the materials until the media center is open and only leave with Ms. Danese. 


D.E. Textbook Request- Please email Ms. Danese at the top of the page for your DSC textbooks needs.