ESE Mission Statement

The purpose of the Exceptional Student Education program is to help each child with a disability progress in school and prepare for life after school.  The primary goal of the ESE program is to provide a free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.  Volusia County provides a continuum of placement options for students with mild, moderate, and severe exceptionalities.  Policies, programs, and procedures are established in accordance with state and federal regulations and requirements.  For more information about the Exceptional Student Education program, go to

ESE Contacts

Contact 386.258.4674
Mr. Dhand Presley (Administrator) ext. 54700 [email protected]
Mrs. Jen Parnell- Administrative Assistant ext. 54670 [email protected]
Ms. Emma Roberts- IEP Facilitator ext. 54638 [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Jackson- Gifted Contact ext. 54660 [email protected]