Cell Phone Use

Students’ cell phones must be out of sight and powered off whenever classes are in session. Cell phones can be used in a BYOT classroom, before and after school, at lunch and between classes, unless otherwise directed by administration, faculty, or staff of Seabreeze High School.

Parents and guardians who wish to contact their child at school are encouraged to use the school’s main number (386) 258-4674 and appropriate extensions. We ask that parents not call the student’s cell phone for it may lead to unnecessary disruptions and discipline consequences for the student.

Code of Conduct

The Seabreeze Student Code of Conduct is printed on the inside of the student folder and student planner given out at the beginning of each year. In addition, the Volusia County Student Code of Conduct is placed inside the folder and parents and students are asked to sign the Acknowledgement page and return it to school as soon as possible. You may review these Codes of Conduct below:

I.D. Policy

In light of national events, school safety and security measures are more important than ever. As a safety and security measure, all students are required to have their ID’s on their person in (articles of clothing, in pockets, in backpacks, purses, etc.) at all times when on campus. Students are also be required to have ID’s at school sponsored events.


 It is a violation of school policy for students to have, use, or present anyone else’s ID as their own. Consequences listed above will apply in such cases.

* Campus staff members will conduct frequent, campus-wide checks to insure that this policy is being followed properly. All campus staff members have the right to address students regarding the use/wearing of ID’s or any school issue.



Alert:!!  Parents may obtain their child's transportation information by logging on to Parent Portal or more directly, bus info is advertised here Bus Stop forms, stop request and other information

PLEASE CONTACT Mrs. Janet Savary for any transportation/bus issues.

Visitor Policy:

Visitors to Seabreeze High School are required to sign-in at the welcome center located at the entrance to our school. Visitors will be asked to state their purpose of the visit and will be issued a visitor pass which must be worn at all times during their stay. Visitors are asked to please park in the front parking area and proceed directly to their specified destination. Visitor passes are to be returned to the welcome center when exiting the campus.