Club Interest

Below you can get a brief description of each club or you can view the Activities Handbook for details and contact info. Additionally, the clubs listed on the right have a website available for more information (this are updated as often as possible). Contact the sponsor for specific questions or Ms. Morgan for any additional questions on Clubs & Organizations:



Academic Team

High Academic Achievement / Try Out

Leo Club

An interest in community service and service around the world

A.S.L. American Sign Language Club

Present or past American Sign Language 1 & 2 students

M.T.A.   Medical Teens of America

An interest in the healthcare field.

AMT -American Music Theater

Tryouts and 2.0 GPA


see Choral


2.0 GPA; Good conduct- Recommendation Teacher/Sponsor

P.A.L.S. Providing Autism Links & Support

Anyone with an interest in learning more about Autism

Best Buddies

A strong desire to form one-to-one friendships with Seabreeze students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Perfect Fit Club

Anyone can join

Breezfeed Journalism Club

An interest in writing journalistic-style stories

Psychology Club

Present or past psychology students.

Center Stage

Enrollment in Theater 1-4


Application required and Teacher Approval 

Ceramics Club

An interest in ceramics by pursuing individual and group projects.

SAVE Promise Club  (Students Against Violence Everwhere

A passion for protecting friends, schools, and communities


Spring tryouts and 2.0 GPA; No F’s or 2 or 3’s in conduct.

Seabreeze Humane Society

An interest in helping animals in our community


Teacher approval

Seabreeze Italian American Club

If you like Italian culture, traditions and food then you will enjoy the SIAC.

Color Guard

Tryouts held in the spring, 2.0 GPA

Seabreeze Spirit Club

DECA Distributive Education Clubs of America

Enrolled in any marketing class. DECA officers must maintain a 2.5 or above G.P.A.

Ocean Vibe (formally Seabreeze Surf Club)

Anyone who has a passion for the ocean, surfing or who wants to promote surfing through media and marketing.

F.C.C.L.A.  Family, Career & Community Leaders of America

Enrollment in any Family and Consumer Sciences class

Seabreeze Table Top Gaming Club

F.C.A.   Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Open to all Seabreeze students, male or female, Christian or non-Christian, athlete or non-athlete

Spanish Honor Society

Students who have completed a minimum of four semesters of Spanish, Maintaining a “B” average or higher in Spanish and an overall weighted minimum 3.5 GPA.

F.F.A.   Future Farmers of America

Teacher approval

S.M.A.C.   Seabreeze Movement Against Cancer

Be pro-active; to raise awareness, and to educate our students peers. 

F.F.E.A. Florida Future Educators of America

Interest in Teaching Profession

Student Council/Student Government

General elections for sophomore, junior, and senior Senators takes place in the spring.  Special Elections will be held in the fall for Freshmen Class Senator positions.

G.S.A. Gay-Straight Alliance

A supportive environment where students can discuss their views and opinions.

Sweet  Success (Multi-Ve)

Jazz Band

see BAND above

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Physical exam and Permission Form; desire to play a fast-paced sport; ability to play sports cleanly (without a referee)

Junior Class

We the People

 An interest in politics around the world and in our country  

Key Club

An interest in community service and 2.0 GPA or above