A.P. Calendar

A.P. Students. Please review this provided CALENDAR LINK for information on your A.P. Study Sessions. AP Exams dates & locations TBA.

Advanced Placement Program

Why Advanced Placement?

  • Curriculum choices allow students to specialize in areas of interest
  • Earn college credit for introductory college courses based on appropriate scores
  • Elective choices allow exploration of the arts
  • Opportunities for admission into prestigious schools
  • Scholarship opportunities

 Expectations for Students

  • Show the responsibility to attend class regularly
  • Possess the necessary motivation to manipulate their time to accommodate the prolific reading and writing assignments
  • Attend all scheduled after-school review sessions that normally commence in March
  • Demonstrate the ability to complete homework on time
  • Be able to think critically and abstractly
  • Fulfill all responsibilities necessary for the completion of projects, labs, presentations, and performances
  • Complete AP expectations by taking the AP exam

Need more information, check out our AP Brochure

Distinguished Scholar Diploma


The Distinguished Scholar Diploma will be awarded based on the following criteria:

•obtain a 3.5 overall weighted GPA or higher;

•obtain a 3.5 weighted cumulative GPA on all AP/IB courses;

•earn 100 hours of community service

•obtain an 1170 SAT or 26 ACT score

•complete 2 years of the same World Language

•complete a minimum of 4 AP/IB classes

•pass all state EOC’s with a level 3 or higher or the equivalent AP test

•obtain a score of a level 3 or higher on a minimum of 2 AP exams