You may purchase these items on the OSP Webstore and show your receipt, or bring cash or check (blue/black ink) to the Activities office.

Item Cost
ID card FREE for initial card
ID card (replacement) $5 for each card
OFF CAMPUS Lunch ID- 10th, 11th, 12th only (signed permission form required) $10 per Semester (must meet criteria for 2nd semester)
Lockers $5 per year
Athletic Pass

$60 - Student

PE Uniforms
  • $10 PE Uniform Shirt
  • $15 PE Uniform Shorts
  • $25 if purchased together

(may be purchased in class)

Parking Pass


  • Obligations must be up to date
  • Completed parking form, proof of insurance, and valid drivers license
  • Sophomores may obtain parking based on availability at a later date

$55 - $80 based on time of purchase

Graduation Package Fees payable to Herff Jones

$65 (after Dec fee increases to $85 thru graduation day. (

** IDs are required for attendance at school functions. If you are purchasing an athletic pass, please do so before having your ID made. **

Homeroom Locations

Check the student's ID to see where to report for any homeroom scheduled day.